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• I love 5Forms!  Easy ordering, great prices, and a phone number with a real person on the other end if I have a question.  Definitely recommend!!! ~ Dana A 02/20/23

• The envelopes were exactly what I ordered and expected.  The process was simple and I felt confident enough to order without seeing a proof.  They came quickly and were exactly what I wanted. ~ K Hayes 02/17/23

• I got exactly what I ordered.  It was a new order of envelopes like I had gotten from them before.  No issues. ~ M. Smith 02/06/23

• I just wanted to say that Joli was so proffesional and I am sure I have had her before but she is just always so pleasant to talk to and makes your day. Tell her thank you, Sincerely Anchor Bay Scuba. 02/04/23

• Always get great service when I order! ~ Barbara B. 02/03/23

• I was nervous about placing an order with 5Forms as we had never heard of the online company before.  However, your price was the best.  So glad we did.  The whole process was a very positive one! ~ Jen H. 01/12/23

• Thank you so much for the reasonable priced invoices.  we are a small business and appreciate a reasonable priced product. ~ Anonymous 01/12/23

• I would just like to say that I always appreciate how friendly the service is when I call to re-order every couple of months.  I love hearing the southern accents and the friendly and often funny conversations.  I won't order online because I just really appreciate the familiarity you all seem to have with our re-orders and it makes it so easy, with the added benefit of having small conversations along the way.  Your prices are unbeatable, and the delivery time is always extremely reasonable!  Thanks for keeping your prices so far below prices offered by your competitors.  You have a customer until I retire and probably longer if I train in my predecessor correctly!  ~ Deb K. 01/11/23

• We've been dealing with 5 forms for several years and have always had a pleasant experience with your team ~ Anonymous 01/11/23

• The staff that helped were wonderful and very thorough!  I was impressed with their follow up! ~ Anonymous 01/11/22

• Great customer service! Important for small businesses. ~ D&D Accounting 12/20/22

• The customer service team are very professional and polite. ~ G.N. 12/05/22

• During the years I have been working with 5 Forms I have been very satisfied.  Customer service has always been friendly, helpful especially in finding the right product.  The orders arrive in a timely manner.  It is a pleasant experience. ~ S Volden 12/02/22

• I believe my first order was in 2014. I love the 2 ladies that answer the phone...they are extremely helpful and a joy to talk to each year. This was my first year doing fully online...and I actually missed talking to them! The only errors my items ever had was me ordering the wrong things or laserlink changing their abilities, never has been 5 forms fault. ~ HB 12/02/22

• Had an excellent experience ~ DG 12/01/22

• I'm glad I have a reliable company to provide our office supplies. I will continue to use your company and have referred your company to friends and colleagues. Thank-you ~ William B. 11/11/22

• The team at 5Forms is always helpful and friendly!   It's always nice talking to them.  They have even called me directly when there is a question on an order.  Great team! ~ Linda T. 11/10/22

• I'm not sure which order this was. I made a mistake on the order and Michelle sent me a replacement for free. I usually contact her via email when I want to order something. She has always been very helpful. ~ DP Well 11/10/22

• Customer service rep was very nice and helpful. ~ A.C.

• Best pricing for sure.  Customer service is always extremely helpful and pleasant to work with.  Very please I found your products several years ago. ~ M. A. B. 10/13/22

• The website was fairly easy to navigate through. Very grateful for the option to review the proof. The proof gave me confidence that the order would be correct. ~ B Cummings 09/06/22

• I always enjoy speaking with your representatives over the phone.  They are always professional, courteous and never try to waste my time.  I tell them what I want and don't have to listen to long drawn out up sale tactics.  Sometimes they even share a little about themselves, like what music they like and I enjoy the personal connection while I am waiting for my order to be entered and processed.  Very enjoyable every single time.  The prices cannot be beat and I would appreciate it if you would continue to provide the same great service at the same great prices. ~ D. Kiedrowski 09/06/22

• Thank You 5Forms!  You made the original order simple and it's a snap to reorder products.  Happy, Happy Customer! ~ Flo M. 09/06/22

• We were very happy with the ease of ordering on line, the pricing and the helpfulness of customer service with our questions. We would definitely consider using your services for our future needs. ~ C.S. 09/06/22

• You guys always do a very professional job when printing my order and ask questions before printing. I also like the confirmation emails and notifications of orders being shipped. ~ D. Koco 09/07/22

• We've ordered from 5Forms for quite a while now.  Very happy with the products, and everyone is very nice if we have to call.  This was the first time there was an error, and it was just the "color" of the checks, nothing with printing.  I hated to have a new batch made, but I really wanted to switch to the American Spirit.  When I called, the lady was so nice and apologized profusely.  The replacement came very quickly.   Thanks 5Forms! ~ R.I. 09/25/22

• Customer service was excellent, however, it is extremely difficult to accept a proof that is not visible on the actual product. I did have to go back and forth several times before the art department got the format correct. I understand if it was incorrect you would have resent it, but I like to get it correct the first time & not waste yours and my time sending the prodeuct back & forth. A visual on the product could save a lot of time. ~ E.D. 08/17/22

• The phone conversation was pleasant, even a little fun. She answered my questions easily and and made sure I knew I was getting the right product. ~ Mike M. 08/06/22

• The person who took my order was Awesome!  Thank you.  ~ Dan Z. 08/05/22

• I have used your company twice so far and both times were extremely satisfied with service and price. ~ Joe S. 08/05/22

• Good job! ~ V.M. 06/01/22

• I always order online, but in the past if I needed to contact customer service, they have always been very friendly & helpful ~ B.Kelly 06/07/22

• I found the exact form I was looking for with the pre-cut holes needed for my grandmother's binder. ~ Katie M. 06/01/22

• I have been thrilled form beginning to end placing orders. I don't even look elsewhere for any better deals ~ M.S. 05/07/22

• AIS has been a customer for at least five years.  VERY HAPPY with all our orders...and your staff.  Many thanks to Jolene for her help each and every time! ~ Laurel M. 05/06/22

• I'm glad you had the repair tickets that we needed in stock. Sometimes they are hard to source and customize. ~ K.H. 05/06/22

• I have been a customer of 5forms for many years. The most recent order, I made a mistake when placing the order and selected the wrong product. I thought I was in a hopeless situation as this was en error on my part, I was beyond satisfied when the customer service rep said they would replace the entire order. I will continue to use 5forms and will absolutely recommend their services/product, very satisfied customer. ~ Kattya T. 03/28/22

• Everyone is so helpful whenever I place an order. Thanks for awesome customer service!!! ~ PT 03/07/22

• The women I spoke with on the phone were very polite and professional. Easy to talk to about my order. ~ S. Hyde 03/01/22

• Customer Service was great to deal with. ~ C. Lacasse 02/28/22

Thank you for keeping up with everything as promised on your website, will order again and recommend your page.

Birgit W. - 06/27/2012

Very professional looking receipt books for our office.
SKB - 06/26/2012
I was very pleased with every aspect of my order from placing the order online to getting my order.
Sandi Karl - 06/26/2012
Michelle H. was the consummate professional. Thorough follow-up ...I felt like someone was watching the store. She is an asset to your company.
VCC - 06/15/2012
You run a very good company and I appreciate everything you have helped me with. I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you very much.
S. Williams - 06/12/2012
Your customer service is wonderful, as are your prices. They are less than half of what we used to pay, and we are very satisfied with the quality.
April M. - 07/13/2012

Every time I have contacted 5 forms, I have received exemplary service from the representatives.
Trish B. - 07/13/2012

I really appreciate the ability to view previous orders so that I can reorder products that I know I will use and correspond to my software.
Matt L. - 07/17/2012
Customer service people are some of the most helpful that I have every had to deal with!
MT - 07/17/2012
My order came in record time and there was no problems. You did a great job.
Connie C. - 07/17/2012
You run a great ship.  Keep up the good work!
Bill S. - 07/26/12
Looking forward to many more future orders.
Lovelle B. AVALAR Realty Louisiana - 07/27/12

Product was just as described & shipped very quickly.  Thank you!  Will use your company when I need other products!
J. W. Business Owner - 07/27/12

Keep up the good work!
B. Kelly - 08/22/12

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