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Great Logos Are the Cornerstone of Every Great Business

All businesses need a logo, but many don’t fully recognize its value, or know where to turn to get a quality design that’s affordable and accurately portrays their company’s image, what they sell and how they are different from the competition. Even businesses that have had a logo for some time may need a refresh to more accurately reflect their business today.

The vast majority of small businesses (80%) think a logo is either somewhat, or very, critical to their business. Unfortunately, many end up with unusable, poorly designed logos that inadequately communicate their brand. Learn about the 5 Biggest Logo Design Mistakes. These include: amateur designs, the use of clip art or stylized type, too many type styles, inappropriate wording, or a design that is not usable in all media.

Five Biggest Logo Design Mistakes

Avoid These Mistakes That Can Make Your Business Look Small

Every year, millions of businesses create logos that make their businesses look small, unprofessional and will ultimately cost them sales and profit. Below are five of the most common mistakes these businesses make. You can avoid these missteps by taking advantage of our professional Logo Design Services today.


1. Designed by an Amateur Logo design is no place for rookies, amateurs, relatives or bored marketing staff. You must have a professional who is trained and experienced to design the perfect logo to fit your business. You wouldn’t let your lawyer brother-in-law fix your new car, so you shouldn’t let him or any other amateur design the single most important image of your business — your Logo!

2. Using Clip Art or Stylized Type as Logo Everyone can recognize clip art so don’t try to use it as a logo. Stylized type might look good to you, but it’s highly unlikely your customers or clients will notice it or remember it.

3. Too Many Typestyles or Fonts in One Logo This is another problem usually caused by trying to design your own logo. We have seen logos that we could not read because of inappropriate typestyle choices – can you imagine what a prospective client will think?

4. Including Inappropriate Wording Your logo needs to get across a single point or message. We highly recommend you do not include the following things in your logo:

·         Ltd, Inc. LLC (clients don’t care)

·         Run-on sentences

·         Mission statements

·         Potentially offensive wording (yes, we see it all the time)

5. Designed For Only One Medium Most business owners do not even realize that a logo designed by an amateur is unlikely to work in all of today’s media. Professionally designed logos will work in all applications – the web, email, print advertising, telephone directories, full-color marketing pieces, and more.

Our Design Team always designs logos that will work in one and two color, as well as full color, and then provides all the file formats needed to work in the various media.

Professional Design Help Is Imperative When It Comes To Your Brand

Your customers’ first impression of your business is your logo. Our professional designers can ensure that their impression is a good one!

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Custom Logo
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