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EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program® for Business

Business Check Fraud Protection

Rapid advancement of funds within 72 hours helps keep you focused on your business while your bank investigates and resolves the fraud incident.

Check Fraud Protection for Business

EZShield provides assistance to your business with an advancement of funds for three major types of check fraud:

    • Forged signatures

      The program applies to legitimate blank checks that are forged with your signature, as the payer, that results in a debit to your checking account.
    • Forged endorsements

      The program applies to a legitimate check that is endorsed and cashed or deposited by someone other than the designated payee based upon a fraudulent and false endorsement. The program, however, does not apply to a check that bears a legitimate original endorsement that is secondarily fraudulently endorsed.
    • Altered checks

      The program applies to legitimate checks that contain altered information such as the payee name, check amount, or any other alteration that results in an unauthorized debit to your checking account.

Important facts about fraud

  • Check fraud is one of the most damaging forms of identity theft
  • In addition to wiping out your account, it can tarnish your credit report
  • Identity theft has topped the list of Federal Trade Commission complaints
  • The average loss per fraud incident is $2,412

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions about EZShield Services. If you do not find your question here, please contact us and we will promptly assist you.

EZShield Check Fraud Protection FAQs

  1. What is EZShield Check Fraud Protection?
  2. Is this a monthly fee?
  3. Does it apply to electronic charges?
  4. Doesn't my bank already take care of this for me?

Check Fraud Protection FAQs

  • What is EZShield Check Fraud Protection?

    • EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program® is the only service of its kind that will advance funds in the event of check fraud, such as forged or altered checks. EZShield will advance lost funds resulting from check fraud within 72 hours in receipt of completed paperwork, up to $25,000 Speedy fund advancement leaves you burden free, giving your financial institution time to fully investigate and resolve the fraud incident.
  • Is this a monthly fee?

    • There is no monthly fee. A one-time fee is charged at the time of the check purchase. The service applies to the checks being purchased and is valid for the life of those checks, or up to two-years, whichever comes first.
  • Does it apply to electronic charges?

    • No, EZShield only advances funds for losses associated with fraud that occurs on physical checks. This service does not apply towards counterfeit or reproduced checks.
  • Doesn't my bank already take care of this for me?

    • In many cases a bank may return lost funds resulting from fraud once they complete their investigation. On average, this can take up to 90 days. EZShield Check Fraud Protection advances those lost funds within 72 hours once completed documentation is received, saving your business valuable time and headaches.
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